Preparing to Teach

Here you will find the resources that will help get you started before the first day of teaching!

Getting Started

Even before we set up our classes, it is important to know who our students are. A good start to learning more about our student population is visiting the Student Profile Data information page provided by our Office of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness (RPIE). To get a clearer picture of students in your past courses and examine retention and success rates to develop your equity strategy for now and in the future, you can review your course-level data

  • An effective practice to ensure students understand the overall expectations for your class is to provide a Welcome Letter prior to the beginning of the semester
  • While a lot goes into crafting a syllabus, we must start with the essentials found in the MiraCosta Syllabus Checklist
  • Setting up your class in Canvas and publishing it before the first day allows students to preview the course content and gives them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the course navigation
Student and Teacher Interaction