SAFE Topics

S.A.F.E. Topics Vol. 1, No. 7 April 1, 2020

Going Remote – Supporting Our Students

In the seventh episode of the S.A.F.E. Topics podcast, hosts curry and Sean continue the special series on “Going Remote” with a conversation on the support our students and faculty can expect once classes resume. We were joined by Lise Flocken (Transfer Center), Edward Pohlert (Tutoring & Academic Support Center), and Denise Stephenson (Writing Center) through Zoom.

What to listen for:

Writing Center

● Writing center website link: ( ● Live Online ConferZoom link (

● Still open! Just moved online.

● Using Zoom as the new support hub space.

● Using Zoom’s breakout rooms feature for one-on-one support.

● What the center does and does not do.

● The new hours explained.

Tutoring & Academic Support Center (TASC) ● TASC website link: (

● Integration with ConferZoom with a one-on-one link.

● Academic success coaches support and how-to guides.

● Continuously updating their front page of their website.

● Net Tutor, Star CA and MiraCosta College tutoring services explained.

● Easing the anxiety and fear of the new online format.

Transfer Center

● Transfer center website link: ( ● Student support hub on Canvas link: (

● How Cal State University San Marcos has been accommodating during these times.

● University of California (UC) schools updates.

● Everything has slowed down.

● Taking care of yourself first.

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The S.A.F.E. Topics Team:
curry mitchell – Faculty, Letters (Co-host)
Sean Davis – Faculty, Sociology (Co-host)
Kelly Barnett – Intern and Music Technology Student (Audio Editor)
James Garcia – SDICCCA Fellow and Associate Faculty, Sociology (Show Notes)