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Countdown to Canvas: 8 weeks to go

To: All faculty
Blackboard and Moodle will no longer be options for instruction after the spring semester. The official end of our licenses providing access to Blackboard and Moodle is June 30. Please make sure you have extracted all needed content from all classes by then.
Faculty should consider 3 potential issues:

  1. If you have not yet rebuilt all your classes in Canvas, do you have all class content, resources, materials, etc. that you will need from the old system?
  2. Are you prepared for potential grade challenges on classes that were run in an old system?
  3. If you taught this spring in an old system, what would you do if a student needs to resolve an incomplete?

For much more detail on these issues, please see Considerations in Leaving Blackboard and Moodle
For some quick guidance on downloading class gradebooks and archives, see directions to do so for Blackboard or for Moodle.
 Jim Julius, Ed.D.
Faculty Director, Online Education